The Orbix Concept

You love your space. You want to make it beautiful and convenient but you are wise enough not to spend all your money on it. That's where the Orbix Concept comes in - 'Affordable Design'. Fine designer kitchens and wardrobes at prices you will love.
This concept was developed with the money-wise customer in mind. Let's see how we do it.

That's affordable design for you.

Making the right interior choices is no more a tough job. Because now, any choice you make will be affordable. It took us years to reach this model. To be exact, 20 years since we started in 1999. Today, thanks to one of the biggest factories in India, running on high-end equipment and monitored by experienced craftsmen, Affordable Design is no more a dream. So quit waiting, and give your interior all the style you like. And when you are done, your pocket will be just as deep as it is now.