Open Kitchen vs Closed Kitchen - Which is Suits for me?


When we hear open kitchen, close kitchen first question that comes to mind is what the difference between them is.

Following is the differences and pros and cons of individual kitchen:

OPEN KITCHEN: It is the one which is more integrated means connected or is in a flow with the adjacent rooms usually the living room or dining room making an appearance of a single space. Such a kitchen is usually open from more than one side, it gives more of a western and contemporary kind of look to the kitchen.


1) Because of less no. of the wall, an open kitchen tends to be naturally brighter and well ventilated.

2) Being an open space, the person working in the kitchen is always involved with others in the living or dining space, and the person in the living whether family or guests feels like a part of the meal-making process.

3) Open kitchen makes the space look bigger, so works great for modestly sized homes.

4) Lady of the house can supervise on kids easily while cooking also.


1) Sounds of kitchen appliances can cause disturbances to others in the house.

2) Mess that might be made during the process of cooking will be easily visible to the guests, which makes hospitality a little uncomfortable.

CLOSED KITCHEN: As name suggested closed off or isolated from the rest of the house. Being separated because of the wall makes it a separate room of its own.


1) For persons who think the kitchen is a sanctuary, a closed kitchen is the perfect solution.

2) Smell, messes, and sounds remain hidden inside the kitchen, away from other rooms of the house.

3) More countertop space comes with more no. of walls in the kitchen, so more space is available for work.


1) Less access to natural light and air circulation due to more walls around compared to the open kitchens.

While an open kitchen gives you the convenience of getting to serve easily and spending time with your guests even while the meal is being prepared, a closed kitchen always gives that private space you sometimes need in your messy kitchen. kitchen is the perfect solution.