How to transform your home interior and living room with art?


Revamp your home decor with ART therapy!

Here's how and why?

Let's look at some basics to start with. We all want to drastically change or improve our homes. However, we always find it difficult to decide the concept, style, colour, and variety of things as trends are always changing and you may not always be updated.

We completely agree and feel you! A simple solution to an improvement of design with some sophistication is by just adding ART!!!

Past or present?

If you're all about the PAST, you may want to consider:

Let's understand why ART can change the look and feel of your home or living room.

-ART makes the home more human or comforting and with the right lighting and colour you can successfully revamp your home. It creates the ambiance as Art is all about warmth and is a great conversation starter. Understanding your room's atmosphere and choosing the right art elevates and compliments the living room or your home.

Our priority is to provide our clients with breathtaking transformations by simply adding artwork to decor that suits your personality!

Now that we understand the concept of why ART, let's get straight to HOW?

Our interior designing team has acknowledged the rising popularity of ART over the years.

Budget it!!!

Art may seem like a luxury product but it isn't. We will help you with sites, stores, and links for various ARTWORK that fits your budget. Remember a perfect ART doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. You can be rest assured to find what you're looking for but make sure to decide on a budget that helps you decide the right place to look for something to pack home.

Power of Colours!!!

Incorporating a fair amount of colour that matches your framed artwork or canvas art is the key!

- Play with contrasts or could also go all out and play with the colour of your furniture. It's all about personalising it. So make sure to invest in paintings that will create an eye-catching contrast against your wall colour.

- You can explore and consider texture and material that defines the art or the other way round to give the room a unique flavour.

It's sometimes a great illusion!

- To strategically reflect different angles of the chosen ART you may want to add some illusion to your home. How you ask! Who wouldn't like a mirror? It not only reflects various angles and focal point of ART pieces but also makes the room classy and lavish.

Light it right!

The impact of light instantly changes how your room currently looks. But you need to be sure to consider elements of the room for the right lighting effect. We spoke of illusion but with lighting, you can increase the perception of a given space by highlighting the vertical walls. While you have your wall paint accompany your artwork, the lighting is a room finisher.

With your vision, we incorporate our experience to bring your ideas to fruition because it's all about you, your home, and your way.