Buying Guide


What do you need most when you buy a modular kitchen? Sorry, money is the wrong answer. No matter how much money you can spend, what you need most is wisdom. Bringing a kitchen to life is not easy. And that's why Orbix is giving you its hard-earned wisdom for free. Here is a comprehensive guide based on Affordable Design philosophy that Orbix devised. It will help you make the right decision when you are thinking modular.
All the best.

The Orbix Guide

You are the decider of things. At Orbix, we make sure you are able to customise your kitchen according to your specific needs of space, budget and culinary habits. You can tweak the design as much as you like.

The Material:

Your kitchen has to look good. And that requires good material. Now, Orbix has quality choices in a variety of materials so that regardless of what material you choose, it will be affordable. Door material is also an important choice. Pre-laminated MDF are the best available option right now. For a glossy look, go for acrylic finish. Apart from that, here are a few pointers to help you choose.
¡ The material has to be waterproof.
¡¡ Check the shutters, units and the insides.
¡¡¡ If you have to choose between plywood types, go for boiling-water-proof with proper lamination.

The Shape:

In short, shape is all about space. You can choose between an L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped, parallel, and much more. If space is not a constraint for you, you could opt for an open kitchen. Though not popular among Indian homes, the island-kitchen is also an option to consider if your house has an underground gas pipeline. Shape of the kitchen is what shapes your life in it afterwards. So, take all the time you need.

The Dynamics:

All your cookware and appliances have to fit in smoothly into the new kitchen. You can make sure of this by choosing the size and depth of units, sinks and width of the top. In the long-term, these are the things that determine ease-of-use. So make sure you visualise how you are going to use the kitchen and do not fall for fancy fittings and accessories that might not be of much practical help.

The Top:

Counter top is a tough decision unless you have your eyes on granite. For Indian homes, it still is the best option because you don't have to worry about heat, scratches and stains. There is granite-Lite, Granite -Premium and other variants. And you have infinite choices of design in granite. In case you are not a fan of granite, BWP plywood is the next best option.

The Storage:

The units and drawers make up an important part of your kitchen since storage is well, everything. Now, most people use base units for utensils. Depending on the cuisine, you can choose from regular or multi-utility, region specific such as the Thali unit plus the shelves unit, oven unit, cooking unit, spice rack etc. For drawers, you could go for soft-close or premium ones with latest technology. All of these should be carefully thought about before you finalise your choice.

The Colour:

Colour, most of all, is personal. Choose whichever colour you like and we will not judge you. But do consider a few things. It has to be a pleasant colour and preferably not a dark shade, because this space is going to become a part of your life. Dark shades can also be pleasant if you choose the right hue. All we are saying is, give it good thought.

The Height:

Who is going to use the kitchen most? If you know who, talk to the designer and adjust the height of the kitchen before installing it. Because the more time you spend in a kitchen that's not right for your height, you are more at risk of developing back-pain. This is often not planned when buying a kitchen and leads to health problems. So be careful.

The Price:

It's the first thing you think about. Except for Orbix, because here we won't let you worry about the price much, thanks to Affordable Design. But still, we advise our customers to check market prices. It is best to decide what you need and then customise the options to suit your budget. We do have the advantage of having our own factory and having no middle-men.

At Orbix, we are obsessed with kitchens. So feel free to get in touch with us anytime, and we will be happy to guide you more.