Tips to Choose the Right Material for your Modular Kitchen!


As Kitchen is the most used and one of the most visited zones in a house, it is imperative to make it look appealing, especially for your Guests. For a modern and contemporary home design, a Modular Kitchen is the way to go. Designing a modular kitchen can be quite challenging, as a lot of strategic choices are to be made to select the best possible material for the Kitchen. The most suitable kind of material that is long lasting, water resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing is treated plywood.

Nowadays, most vendors vouch for Fiberboard and Commercial Ply to be the best material for Kitchen cabinets. These materials will only be good for a short duration of time (3 to 5 years) but if Sheet Plywood of Boiling Water Proof (Highest Grade) Grade is used then the Kitchen will easily be able to withstand any kind of harsh treatment for a long period of time (minimum of 15 years+). So in order to choose the right material of Plywood one must know the qualities that are required in a Material to withstand harsh conditions.

These are the factors that must be considered while choosing the right plywood for your Kitchen:

High Durability

On a daily basis, Kitchen is the space that accumulates the most amount of heat and dust, hence the plywood used here must be of good quality and highly durable. Thus usage of Marine Plywood is a preferred option as this is the best quality of plywood available in the market.

Water Resistance

As aforementioned, Kitchen gets dusty and heated on a daily basis, and its cabinets also come into contact with not just water but with steam. It is imperative for the woodwork in Kitchen to be made of water resistant material. Hence, it is advised to only use treated plywood that can not only resist water but will also be Boiling Water Proof.

Resistance to Fire

As the kitchen gets exposed to fire it must be taken care of that the cabinets and woodwork are covered with fireproofing material so that mishaps can be easily avoided.

These are some of the tips that I would suggest following to have a beautiful yet functional kitchen. When it comes to Modular Kitchen Cookscape is the best in the industry. They not only provide quality plywood but also their prices are very reasonable as well. With an experience of 23+ years, Cookscape is truly the pioneer of Modular Kitchen Design.