The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Interior Design Company!


It could be a daunting task to choose the right kind of Interior Design Company. Every client wants an impeccable design for their project as, it not only involves a huge amount of money but also once completed the design remains an integral part of the client's project. Hence no mistakes are allowed. Therefore, to help clients choose the best interior design company, here are some valuable tips.

1. Recognize the Preferred Style of Design- As a client it is of utmost importance to find your style. If you are unsure you can refer to the internet to have more clarity about the kind of designs you like. This is helpful as many design firms have their signature approach. However ace designer can easily adapt themselves to the preference of their clients.

2. Analyze Portfolios- Once a significant style is identified and few designers are shortlisted, start gathering more information about them. This can be done by going through portfolios of these design companies comparing and analyzing spaces created as well as picturing yourself residing in such spaces.

3. Budgeting- It is vital to fix a budget before starting any work. Every design company has their own policy of charging for the service provided by them. For instance, some may ask for a fixed sum of money for all the services offered whereas few others might charge on an hourly basis. Hence, knowing this can also help narrow down and select a suitable design company.

4. Have a Rendezvous with Designers- Once designers are shortlisted, it is wise to have a meeting with them. Upon meeting with the designer it is advisable to discuss ideas using reference images of some of your most liked floor plans in order to generate ideas.

5. Listen to All Ideas- It is highly probable that even with the designer of your choice certain things might not 'click' with you about the design ideas or detailing. However don't fully reject the suggestions without trying the idea about. It is also important to notice moments when a designer is trying to force ideas on to you just for the sake of simplicity of comfort.

6. Comparison- After the initial meeting with designers, make sure to compare not only ideas but also quotes given. Keep in mind cheaper is not always better.

7. Contract- After discussing and narrowing down to a particular design company, ask for a contract. This contract not only specifies budget but also the service to be provided. Before signing contract kindly make sure to

a. Review the companies completed projects form of pictures photos and videos.

b. Discuss with the couple of clients the company has worked for.

c. Review their material gallery and design studio in order to get a better idea of the products offered.

d. Ask the designer whether they have a factory or workshop facility equipped with Top class machinery for a good finishing. This is especially important for Modular furnishing and Kitchens.

e. Also the size of the company matters as it is always better to have more mines working on a particular project rather than just single person working on numerous designs.

f. Check the warranty all the furnishing products are customized and poor quality can create issues. Hence durability should be the benchmark to judge the best interior designers available in Chennai or elsewhere.

8. Planning- After selecting a design company and signing the contract planning the approach is important. Right from the starting point, rooms to design or redesign all the way to materials to be procured everything needs to be well-planned. Also other details like to include antique furniture, already available, gracefully into the proposed design and other such details must be analyzed and planned properly.

These are the steps to follow whilst choosing the best interior design company. Remodeling or creating spaces can be challenging at times but a good interior design company can definitely make the process easier and hassle free for clients.