What Kind of Interiors Do You Want!


Before you are starting the design project, you need to have idea of inspiration in mind. If you're fully aware of which design styles you are consistently drawn to, finding a muse should be fairly easy. There are some list to define what the interior styles we can go for.

We're no strangers to defining a personal aesthetic. You'll likely find some overlap in your answers. At the end, know each style catches your eye most and see how you feel. We bet You'll probably discover some cross-over in your responses.

Past or present?

If you're all about the PAST, you may want to consider:

Contemporary: Full of sleek lines and 60's flair, contemporary style will feel like you've landed on the set of new wonder world.

French country: French country design is full of love. Its elegantly curved furniture and it is gold gilled can remind you a palace..

Traditional: Traditional design is the epitome of "old world." Classic lines, comfortable and have its unique feature.

If you are appreciate to PRESENT, you may feel with:

Modern: As the name suggests, ultra-clean lines and minimalism are the keys to today's top design trends and fine tune aesthetics.

Scandinavian: Using sleek woods and textured rugs, Scandinavian design is a blend of modern and rustic.

Eclectic: Defined by its rejection of traditional conventions, eclectic design offers a chance to create your own casual aesthetic and play with colors of variation.

Less is more or more is more?

If you trust LESS IS MORE, you might happy:

Contemporary: Contemporary spaces have a sleek feel to them. These tend to have few accessories, most of which are functional forward.

Modern: Modern designs are all about minimalism also have minimalistic and including plenty of negative space.

Scandinavian: Scandinavians have confidence in an idea called hygge, some portion of which revolves around being agreeable without going over the top.

If you ensure MORE IS MORE philosophy:

Eclectic: When assembling a varied plan, it's vital to offset the room with a lot of one of a kind extras.

Traditional: Traditional looks are all about creating a sense of coziness. These rooms have plenty of accessories, traditional heirlooms with or pieces with history behind.

French country styles are defined by opulence. Gold gilded and embroidery are common.

City or country?

If you feel at home in the CITY, you'll prefer:

Modern: Cities are hubs for modern design and fresh ideas and also aesthetic appeal.

Contemporary: Contemporary design may be from the past, but it was very modern for its day and also have unique feature. It has figured out how to endure for an extremely long period without feeling obsolete.

Scandinavian: Scandinavian looks are cousins to present day plan. They follow similar standards with a European wind.

If you'd rather be in the COUNTRY, you may feel drawn to:

Rustic: As the name recommends, this style is worked around living in a lodge in the forest

Coastal: Though it may not be woodsy, seaside styles are a decent decision for the individuals who appreciate investing energy at the ocean side.

French country: It's in the name. French country styles are a variation on European rustic and have a mood of romantic.