10 Modern Home Office Ideas! For working from Home


Weather you work in an office or run your own business. Everyone needs a home office to work on either a stack of paper works or just to sort out household bills. Even children need a dedicated area to study and do Computer Research.

Hence, workspace at home has become very necessary, especially now during this time of the Pandemic, where work from home is the new normal at least for a while.

Here are some ideas to design an office space at your home that could not only makes working from home easy but also a pleasant experience.

1. This large table at a workstation at home can be used as a desk for work, a workspace for two people or with the addition of some chairs a dining table for the entire family. Only thing needed to make this table a dining table for having meals is enough clear space all around it, to clean away the clutter of an office space.

2. If storage is the main concern then the workspace can be designated with a 'wrap-around' run of floor, cabinets and wall ledges.

3. A hall can be converted into a hall cum study with just a low partition, so that it can be a designated office area but also not completely cut off from rest of the living area.

4. Brighten it up; it's smart to keep the workspace color scheme to be bright rather than neutral. As bright colors can make one feel energized motivated & inspired.

5. Area under stairs can be converted to a formal work area. It is hard to fit into living area, hence spaces that are not used well like space below stairs can be used as an office space.

6. This elegant and easy study unit makes sure to keep the floors clean as it has a mounted desk, design & recessed shelving.

7. Nowadays industrial home office decor is the most sought after & this look can be achieved by using metal shelving, exposed ducts & concrete decor of walls along with wire framed pendant lights.

8. For a rustic home office Distressed Swan Chairs can be the go to for a worn look.

9. If space is a constrain then a small corner in the bedroom can be made into an office space with a wide enough base shelf to keep a laptop on and this should have a good height so that there is enough leg room & on top shelves can be created to keep books.

10. A good home office must be well designed & should be aesthetically appealing. This unit has been designed as an entire volume from ceiling to floor. It is taken from ceiling and combined with the study unit & then it is finally blended into the floor. This study unit can have neutral colors which are closer to nature like wood grains.

These are some ideas which can be incorporated into your house to create an aesthetically appealing and very pleasing home workspace.