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Tips to Choose the Right Material for your Modular Kitchen!

As Kitchen is the most used and one of the most visited zones in a house, it is imperative to make it look appealing, especially for your Guests. For a modern and contemporary home design, a Modular Kitchen is the way to go. Designing a modular kitch

  • 19/Nov/22
Things to keep in Mind "when you design a Compact Home"

The professional assistance of an architect or interior designer when involves to design a modern house as the expertise that they bring to the project will not only add value to your home but also helps to avoid the pitfalls along the way. Whether y

  • 19/Sep/22
Open Kitchen vs Closed Kitchen - Which is Suits for me?

When we hear open kitchen, close kitchen first question that comes to mind is what the difference between them is. Following is the differences and pros and cons of individual kitchen: OPEN KITCHEN: It is the one which is more integrated mean

  • 16/Aug/22
How to personalize the Rooms while using the same Furniture?

Rooms are the "lungs" of the house where we breathe sometimes after we run to work throughout the day. We can leave that place as it is since it's going to be more private and most of the guests will not visit here. Not for guests, our personalized r

  • 18/Jul/22
Why should I hire an interior decorator?

Interior decorators are experts in the field of designing a place into a living home. They have spent years of time devoted to learning colours, lighting, texture, wooden materials, space management, and maximum utilisation of a small place into a be

  • 14/May/22
How to transform your home interior and living room with art?

Revamp your home decor with ART therapy! Here's how and why? Let's look at some basics to start with. We all want to drastically change or improve our homes. However, we always find it difficult to decide the concept, style, colour, and variety of

  • 11/Mar/22
What Kind of Interiors Do You Want!

Before you are starting the design project, you need to have idea of inspiration in mind. If you're fully aware of which design styles you are consistently drawn to, finding a muse should be fairly easy. There are some list to define what the interio

  • 07/Feb/22
How to design an Adventure Bedroom for your Son?

1. Vibrant Wallpaper Behind the bed a colourful building blocks wallpaper can be introduced. This paired with a duller tone of bed and headboard will look not only aesthetically appealing but also the contrasting characters of the element will bala

  • 18/Jan/22
10 Modern Home Office Ideas! For working from Home

Weather you work in an office or run your own business. Everyone needs a home office to work on either a stack of paper works or just to sort out household bills. Even children need a dedicated area to study and do Computer Research. Hence, work

  • 13/Oct/21
What is the Cheapest Flooring for a house?

Flooring material of a room can really influence the ambience of a room. However, choosing a flooring material is more than just looks as one must consider a host of other things as well like durability, ease of installations, and the cost of floorin

  • 13/Oct/21

Why Orbix?

Making the right interior choices is no more a tough job. Because now, any choice you make will be affordable. It took us years to reach this model. To be exact, 17 years since we started in 1999. Today, thanks to one of the biggest factories in India, running on high-end equipment and monitored by experienced craftsmen, Affordable Design is no more a dream.

Why Orbix

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Uncompromised Quality

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  • ALUMIX INLAY Wardrobe

    Size: 3200 ' x 2200'

  • U Shaped EXOTICA Exotica

    Size: 10 ' x 6'

  • U Shaped IRIS

    Size: 15.6 ' x 12'

  • Parallel MYSTIC

    Size: 13 ' x 6'

  • L Shaped ALUMIX Alumix Kitchen L Shape

    Size: 8 ' x 12'

  • Parallel AMARYLLIS

    Size: 9 ' x 10'

  • L Shaped MYSTIC

    Size: 12 ' x 8'

  • L Shaped ELEGENT

    Size: 10.6 ' x 10'

  • Straight SURABI Surabi Mix Kitchen Parllell

    Size: 11 '


    Size: 14 ' x 16'

  • L Shaped VANITY VANITY MR+ Kitchen L shape

    Size: 6 ' x 6'

  • AMRLYS Wardrobe

    Size: 1800 ' x 2250 '

  • Parallel CORONATION

    Size: 16 ' x 12'

  • MR+ TUFF Gloss

    Size: 2100 ' x 2000'

  • L Shaped SURABI

    Size: 16 ' x 7'

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