How to design an Adventure Bedroom for your Son?


1. Vibrant Wallpaper

Behind the bed a colourful building blocks wallpaper can be introduced. This paired with a duller tone of bed and headboard will look not only aesthetically appealing but also the contrasting characters of the element will balance each other out nicely.

2. Vintage Vibe

In this bedroom the vintage table between the beds adds an authentic touch to the room and also is a surprisingly good detail which enhances in quality of the room.

3. Itís all in the Pattern

Another way to design a bedroom for your boy is to instead of using colours you can use patterns and play with then to get desired results. As it's clearly visible in this bedroom with striped pattern walls, red themed bed along with polka dot bed sheet.

4. Ship themed

A fun and adventurous room can be created for your boy by creating a nautical themed bedroom with bright blue window and walls depicting the sky above. This room is equal part your boy and also has a sophistication to be changed into an adult dwelling once your kid matures over the years.

5. Wall of Map

Another exciting way to make a bedroom look good as well as adventurous is to make a map on a wall, which can be informative for your boy as well as fun.

6. Shade of Blue

Sometimes minimalistic designs also turn out to be good as this bedroom where the use of electric blue has enhanced the bedroom area aesthetically.

7. Playfully Warm

This room is most suitable for adventures boy who love to explore as the map here adds to the vibrant decor of this room the tall and bold vertical lines creating a statement.

Here are some wonderful and elegant ideas that will help you in not only make your boy's room adventurous but also make it a nice space to live in.