5 Things you should know before approaching a Home Interior Consultant!


Modular Kitchen is like a tailor made suit. We get to decide how we want our kitchen to look and feel like and it can be made unique as per our lifestyle. Every one of us has a different personality. So, to reflect one's own style and personality, it's best to do a research and detailed study.

But it might become too confusing as to what all you can change to make your home unique. Read this blog to have a clear vision of what and how you want your Home Interior to be, when you're describing your needs.

There are few parameters you must consider before doing Home Interiors.

Define your budget: Constructing or decorating a house can be a long and expensive affair and we all have our budget set, which we do not wish to exceed. Hence, a situation wherein you're forced to shell out more money than planned is not appreciated.

List the requirements: Requirements for our personalized space are always need to be on point before we start putting random things around and not meeting the real needs is always an issue. So plan this accordingly.

Brief your timeline Never Hurry: You've waited long enough and a few more weeks won't cause much difference. Be patient and talk about all aspects and details and trends with the designer. Before you decide what you want, have a clear discussion with the Design consultant.

Style: From taste to needs, it is very different from person-to-person. So have an idea on which style you're going with, whether it's contemporary or rustic or modern or eclectic. Convey it to the Designer. Communication is the key. So you will not have any surprise at the end.

Design: When you define all the above, 50% of the Design is done. The rest is to refine details of maintaining standards and ergonomics, so the space would be clutter free, convenient and unique.

When you are clear with the above parameters, you are good to go. Choose a One-Stop Solution provider so that the Project will be hassle free. Not all Service Providers can meet your requirement. Don't settle for the less!

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