How to choose Cost-effective Interiors Design?


Home Interior design is a dream for everyone who is buying a dream home. As how the selection of design, color, and variant is important the budget plays a vital role in the selection process.

Who said dream homes have to be expensive? We have many designers who have proved otherwise! Whether you are looking for awe a subtle charm can fix a compact home, there is always a way to fix the issues within your budget. Many of them waste their cost by using certain thing where instead of we can use many other things which is more emphasized than the thing what we chose first. This way you can have anything from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between tailored completely to your needs.

Now let’s see how to reduce the Home Interior designinterior cost by some other ways which followed by many and came out well with our designer’s suggestion;

If you are a color full wall lover you have a great option instead of painting we can go for wall stickers, wall papers or exposed works.

Instead of bulk space dividers with heavy storage we can use jaali as dividers so that the massive bulk look as well as the price will be reduced.

Now a days the true ceilings are finished out well as similar as false ceiling , but also if you are very much craved for ceiling for special light fixtures or some other purpose to hide some civil faults – in that place we can opt for POP False ceiling instead of designer or wooden false ceiling even though that’s going to be hectic for you to maintain the dust in that minute designs.

Provided shutters for hiding everything in the kitchen space we can swap for one or two wicker baskets, so that we can store potatoes and onions and can save some space of the wood works.

If you are going to chose different flooring then we can go for laminate wooden flooring instead of the real one.

We can buy a furniture or customize so that it can be used for multipurpose as multifunctional which will be both space saving and cost saving too.

If you have a tight budget, you could explore various options. One of them would be to get only one bedroom furnished and get the other furnished at a later date. This could save you a couple of lakhs. Another option could be to go for ready-made furniture, as that could bring down your furniture costs by half. Not only wardrobe this is applicable for pooja unit also in now a day’s flat culture.

You can use normal laminates for the cupboards and wardrobes instead of textured laminates – which is so call suede finish, that would help you save some more money.