The Only Time I Made My Wife Proud.



To be honest, I have made my wife proud on more than one occasions. But by the end of this blog you will understand why this one matters the most. It's about how I learned to cook. It wasn't a new year resolution or a desperate attempt to make up for another one of my blunders. We decided to buy a modular kitchen and that changed everything. I was a messy man. And my wife is maddeningly organised. So when we built a new home, she chose everything and one of the things she wanted was a carpenter-made kitchen because she cared for authenticity and individual style. I strongly argued for modular because it would save us time and headache. And it did. We got a modular kitchen and my wife was more or less pleased with it. But this story is about what happened after.

One fine day I discovered that in this kitchen, everything is easy. Since my wife had provision for every single thing - storage, cleaning, ease of cooking, washing up etc. Everything was within reach. I started cooking. And gradually, I got good at it. I started watching cooking shows, started going through my grandma's recipes and began surprising my wife and kids with new dishes every week. Now, it's two things that made my wife proud. One, I made the choice, of buying modular. Two, I became the home-chef!

It might look like a small decision. But it brought about a pleasant change in my life and gave me a new hobby. Feeling great.